Introduction to the South African Benchmarking Club (SAABC)

The South African Automotive Benchmarking Club (SAABC) is a privately funded, non-profit Continuous Improvement (CI) programme. Since its inception in 1997, the club has achieved considerable success in providing tangible interventions to facilitate economic development of the automotive sector. As the economic and competitive pressures seem to rise for local manufacturers, the SAABC has been responsible in providing support for growth in this sector in the future. The SAABC supports the South African automotive component manufacturing industry in order to achieve World Class Manufacturing levels through firm-level benchmarking and clustering activities. It receives support from suppliers in all major automotive manufacturing locations in the country as well as five OEMs; access to benchmarking data from North America, the European Union, India and more recently South East Asia; and access to world class benchmarking methodology.

Going forward, the South African Automotive Benchmarking Club (SAABC), will continue to advance the competitiveness of the South African automotive industry.